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Michael Balloni - [email protected] - here. This album is a mix of quirky "MIDI music" like Alarm and Shine, classical music like Horses and Poppy Blues, and more rocking music like Deep Grooves and Electric Strings.

MIDI and MP3 files are available for musicians interested in playing this music.

Here are notes about the songs. To listen to the music, click here.
1. Alarm
A quick wake up call for flute, acoustic bass, and drums. I was inspired by the little beeps that car alarms make when you arm and disarm them, so I wrote this song for my sister as a happy fun little thing to enjoy.
2. Horses
I got the piano to gallop like a horse on this one. This was one of the first songs I wrote, way back in high school. It's about getting going with something, falling off, then dusting yourself off and getting back up and going again. This mp3 is a piano recording by Kristoffer Karras.
3. Six in Seven
This is my prettiest song. It's set in seven time instead of the usual four or six, and this contributes to the beauty; it's not just up and down, over and over again. There are six instruments, and as each is introduced the layering blooms like a flower, culminating in all instruments playing at full strength. And then something interesting happens. The instruments fall off in turn, leaving the trumpet and saxophone to play out their intricate parts to the end, like a couple staying at the concert, dancing together long after everyone has left.
4. Poppy Blues
After I wrote Horses, I knew I had a piano waltz in me. A typical waltz goes ABB ABB, but this one, and it's subtle, goes ACB ACB, giving the song more depth. After the waltzing, the song opens up with some beautiful harmonies, and a standard finish. It wasn't long after writing this piano song that I saw the potential for this song's composition with a bigger production...
5. Poppy Blues, Extended
An elaboration on the piano waltz, this piece employs multiple instruments, including a flatulent baritone saxophone, all played in stereo. Each instrument goes through the full waltz in turn, each from their own angle, with their own message, and they all come together for a satisfying conclusion. I think a concert band could have fun with this one.
6. Deep Grooves
This sweet songs employs three - count 'em! three! - basses to lay down the funk knee deep. With help from a tight beat and sassy saxophones, the basses play off each other to create something more than playing harmony.
7. Dancing
Very much video game music, each "level" is more intense, with electric bass and all sorts of percussion building into a fiery maelstrom.
8. Partings
This is a heartfelt classical love song with a clarinet at center stage. There are great dynamics from horns, vocals, and strings. From a strong opening, a delicate center section, and a powerful conclusion, the clarinet powers through this song delivering the message of love.
9. Pictures
This is my percussive expression of the uniqueness of love. I usually have lyrics that I use to create melodies for my songs. Part of the lyrics to this song are:

Pictures of mine to hold
Stories that can't be told
If I told you you wouldn't believe it
A wonder, you can't conceive it
But receive it into your heart
And know that it's love
10. So Far
My most fully realized composition, a menacing metal masterpiece. You could build a video game around this song. There's the creepy quiet introduction, then a brutal smackdown, a leveling off, a build up, and a final epic battle. I'd love to see a metal band take this song and run with it.
11. Shine
A prickly vision of a first encounter, this song goes by fast, leaving you wanting more, but aware that you just had a great experience. A silly saxophone, percussion all over the place, this is a delicious trifle.
12. Electric Strings
This is fun electronic dance music. Synthesizers and drums dance together in this dramatic, emotional song. Each instrument gets a solo, and synthesizers in stereo is a great effect. The solo at the end boggles the mind.
13. The Seas of Our Love
This is a deep dive into aquatic electronic love. This is my most endearing love song. It embodies the waves of life that a relationship endures, with a profound ending. This mp3 is a piano recording by Kristoffer Karras that captures the clomping nature of a lasting relationship.
14. Vista Sorrento Parkway
A sassy saxophone leads the charge on this fun ride down a nearby road. Bass and guitar accompany, and drums as always put on a show. I was a drummer, can you tell?
15. Sweet Sorrow
Another triple bass track, this time escaping darkness. This is a very pretty and very creepy song. Spiders come to mind. Lots of spiders. Three bass players should find enough to sink their teeth into here. Have at it.
16. Getting Sleepy
A bedtime song that builds and soothes. Starts with the tick tock, then a mellow bass part enters, percussion and bells, and the melody. A very pretty song, and one that doesn't build up too much to undo its mission. Who needs Ambien with songs like this?
17. Sleep Well
A fireside country lullaby for guitar and harmonica. Starts off with calming harmonies, then each verse with the harmonica melody starts the same, but has its own musical character with the guitar accompaniment defining the mood.

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